2020 Winners

Standard American Beer

Gold: Beach One Cerveza | Wasaga Beach Brewing Company

Silver: Nickel City | Stack Brewing

Bronze: Ides of September 2020: Nellie's Cream Ale | Henderson Brewing Co

International Lager

Gold: Waterloo Dark | Waterloo Brewing

Silver: Guera | 46 North Brewing

Bronze: Vacation Voucher | Katalyst Brewing Company Inc.

Czech Lager

Gold: Bohemian Style Pilsner | Flora Hall Brewing

Silver: Steam Whistle Pilsner | Steam Whistle Brewing

Bronze: Legion Lager | Whitewater Brewing Co. LTD.

Pale Malty European Lager

Gold: Lincoln Lager | Bench Brewing Company

Silver: Marzen | Amsterdam Brewing 

Bronze: Helles | Amsterdam Brewing 

Pale Bitter European Beer

Gold: Rearview | Overflow Brewing Company

Silver: Bohemian Pilsner | Brock Street Brewing Company

Bronze: 626 Pils | Gateway City Brewery

Amber Malty European Lager

Gold: BEER 101 BOCK | Niagara College Teaching Brewery

Silver: Autumn | Anderson Craft Ales

Bronze: North Star Rauchbier | Gateway City Brewery

Amber Bitter European Beer

Gold: Impact | Stack Brewing

Silver: La Volpe | Indie Alehouse

Bronze: Sticke Alt | Amsterdam Brewing 

Dark European Lager

Gold: German Dark Lager | Brock Street Brewing Company

Silver: Black Sail | Lock Street Brewing Company 

Bronze: Dam Dark Lager | Thornbury Village Craft Brewery

German Wheat Beer

Gold: Beautiful Aurelia | Foundry Brewing

Silver: Haberdasher Hefeweizen | Muddy York Brewing Co.

Bronze: Hefeweizen | Kingsville Brewing Co

British Bitter

Gold: Atherley Pale Ale | Couchiching Craft Brewing Co.

Silver: Special Pale Ale | Wellington Brewery

Bronze: English Ordinary Bitter | Flora Hall Brewing

Pale Commonwealth Beer

Gold: Geronimo IPA | Walkerville Brewery

Silver: Golden boy | Indie Alehouse

Bronze: Golden Ale | Henderson Brewing Co

Brown British Beer

Gold: Clifford Porter | Clifford Brewing

Silver: 3 Threads Porter | Magnotta Brewery

Bronze: Riverhead Dark Mild | Riverhead Brewing Co.

Irish Beer

Gold: It's a Stout | Kensington Brewing Company

Silver: Righteous Red | Kame & Kettle Beer Works

Bronze: Vimy Red Ale | Vimy Brewing Company

Dark British Beer

Gold: Riverhead Milk Stout | Riverhead Brewing Co.

Silver: Hazelnut Coffee Stout | Publican House Brewery

Bronze: Sons of Kent - Don't Panic Oatmeal Stout | Sons Of Kent Brewing Co

Strong British Ale

Gold: Sons of Kent - Scotch Ale | Sons Of Kent Brewing Co

Silver: BEER 101 STRONG | Niagara College Teaching Brewery

Bronze: Burning boat | Indie Alehouse

Pale American Ale

Gold: A Reason to Live | Whiskeyjack Beer Company

Silver: Pavilion Pale Ale | Muddy York Brewing Co.

Bronze: Bangkok Crosswalk | Overflow Brewing Company

Amber and Brown American Beer

Gold: Amber | Anderson Craft Ales

Silver: Abitibi Amber | Whiskeyjack Beer Company

Bronze: Lion'S Mane | Full Beard Brewing Co.

American Porter and Stout

Gold: Kremlin Russian Imperial Stout | Walkerville Brewery

Silver: Big Pour Stout | Jobsite Brewing Co. Limited

Bronze: Imperial Russian Stout | Wellington Brewery


Gold: IPA | New Limburg Brewing Co.

Silver: Expansion Sour IPA | Stack Brewing

Bronze: Instigator | Indie Alehouse

Strong American Ale

Gold: Metal Head | Nickel Brook Brewing Co.

Silver: Double Dry Hopped DIPA | Flora Hall Brewing

Bronze: Big Kahuna Imperial IPA | Spearhead Brewing Company

European Sour Ale

Gold: Rouge | Meuse Brewing Company Inc.

Silver: Mueuze | Meuse Brewing Company Inc.

Bronze: Ritual Madness | Indie Alehouse

Belgian Ale

Gold: Ta-Beer-Wit | Whiskeyjack Beer Company

Silver: Riverhead Belgian Wit | Riverhead Brewing Co.

Bronze: Ides of August 2020: Chef Avtar's Witbier | Henderson Brewing Co

Strong Belgian Ale

Gold: LaCloche | Stack Brewing

Silver: BEER 101 Saison | Niagara College Teaching Brewery

Bronze: Farmhouse Saison | Fenelon Falls Brewing Co

Trappist Ale

Gold: Tripel | New Limburg Brewing Co.

Silver: Ides of December 2019: Wish Book | Henderson Brewing Co

Bronze: Rube Goldbeer | Henderson Brewing Co

Historical Beer

Gold: My Strange Uncles From Abroad | Thornbury Village Craft Brewery

Silver: THE BEARDED PROSPECTOR | Full Beard Brewing Co.

American Wild Ale

Gold: Puckered Up | Heritage Hops Brew Co

Silver: Twisted WhisKers Sour Series Strawberry Rhubarb Pie | Full Beard Brewing Co.

Bronze: Green Fields Sour Ale | Bench Brewing Company

Fruit Beer

Gold: Old Tomorrow Honey Ginger Shandy | United Craft

Silver: Raspberry Uber | Nickel Brook Brewing Co.

Bronze: Swiss Chocolate Raspberry Porter | Spearhead Brewing Company

Spiced Beer

Gold: Fully Laden Sloth Dark Chocolate and Coconut Stout | North Works Brewing Co

Silver: Vanilla Mocha Sloth Stout | North Works Brewing Co

Bronze: Kataclysm | Katalyst Brewing Company Inc.

Alternative Fermentables Beer

Gold: Jealous mistress | Lock Street Brewing Company 

Silver: 137 Rye Pale Ale | Gateway City Brewery

Smoked Beer

Gold: Campfire Rye | Boshkung Brewing Co

Silver: Welders Flash White Stout | Jobsite Brewing Co. Limited

Bronze: Smoked Honey | Royal City Brewing Co

Wood Beer

Gold: UVB-76 Maksim | Wellington Brewery

Silver: Amber Fortified | Bench Brewing Company

Bronze: Bâtiment Saison | Jobsite Brewing Co. Limited

Specialty Beer

Gold: String & Twirl | Quayle's Brewery

Silver: Juicilicious Dry Hopped Sour | Market Brewing Company

Bronze: Braided Roads | Red Circle Brewing Co

New England IPA

Gold: Hazy Town | Amsterdam Brewing 

Silver: Sons of Kent - Juice Box | Sons Of Kent Brewing Co

Bronze: Working Hard New England IPA | Muddy York Brewing Co.

Catharina Sour

Gold: Blood Moon | Whitewater Brewing Co. LTD.

Silver: Braided Roads (Mixed Berry) | Red Circle Brewing Co

Bronze: Wellington x Nickel Brook - Dry-Hopped Sour with Blueberry and Pear | Wellington Brewery


Best Of Show

Rouge - Meuse Brewing Company Inc.


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